and I am truly back to me. It’s been an interesting day. 

I decided to drive to Liverpool this morning to drop in the originals of my application to become a foster carer so that The Benevolent Society could witness my 100 points of identification. A quick trip. Culminating in a timeline. 

By the end of this month, Vesna will contact me to organise the first of five home visits. My completed application and their reports should go before the panel in January. I will know by end of January, and then it is just waiting for a child/children to be placed with me. If I am successful. When I am successful. 

I went to school to do some work in readiness for Tuesday and for starting in a new staffroom. Just for the first three weeks. All of my units for this term are ready to be printed for the kids. Every single one. There will still be bits and pieces but I don’t have any real school work to do for three days! There are things I could do but nothing I have to do. 

And then mum and I had lunch at the Art Centre; well worth visiting the cafe there. 

Home to call the University of Wollongong’s Head of Postgraduate Courses in the Arts Faculty to enquire about the potential of completing my Doctorate. I thought I would be knocked back completely. Instead, I should apply and detail the research I completed in my Masters. They will accept me into the Doctorate or an integrated Masters/Doctorate or my Master in Philosophy. 

And then I started reading Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic. I have been looking at it for so long but knew I had to achieve my school work, foster care application, business things, and my doctorate enquiries before I was permitted to read. 

What a glorious day! A day of rewards and bliss. 

And Tina is back. 


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