Last night, after applying for and receiving my ABN, and initiating the process to register my business name, sending the appropriate paperwork to my boss to acknowledge and seek approval for secondary employment, and joining a few other online business tools, I ordered some stationery. 

Working out exactly how I will run the first course is tiring work. I have bought some books on writing as therapy and have commenced reading them. I have decided to trial a six week course, or three half day weekend workshops next year. Each participant will receive a journal and pen, and obviously, my expertise and support. And that’s as far as I have gone. 

I googled the application process for University of Wollongong Doctor of Creative Arts and Doctor of Philisophy in Creative Arts. The latter is more likely to permit me access. But they also might not. I have started to formulate a focus – creative non-fiction/the therapeutic value of Life Writing – you get the gist. Early stages. 

I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted. Life change and taking control to force change is tiring lol. I dreamed last night. Vivid dreams about work and about starting the term as Head Teacher Mathematics until another staff member gets back from leave. The Maths Faculty will walk in on Tuesday to find me there. 

And unbelievably, I am nervous. Twenty seconds of courage. I will go in this week to sort my stuff out so that I am prepared, as well as I can be. 

And so I woke several times throughout the night and my eyes were so tired this morning. I fell asleep on the lounge for five hours. I woke at 1:30 this afternoon and my pets were also napping – a happy home lol. 

I need to finish my fostering application tonight. Ready to send it tomorrow morning. 

Then I need to finish sorting the house out, write two units of work, and complete some assignments in my Children’s Writing Course. The next one is almost done. 

My head and heart are stronger. 

It has taken time. But not as long as it could have. 

This time I need to ensure my boundaries and prioritise myself. 

I have got this …
                                             I think. 

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