The Dream

A very tired and migrainey Tina so this will be quick. 

I was helping out some lovely ladies today who are raising money for the Cancer Council. I woke with a migraine twinge and took drugs so that I could function through the day. I lasted until 3 before it took over. A fairly good innings. 

Came home and went for a shower. As I let the hot water beat on the back of my neck I was overcome by a ‘vision’. I was wearing my NYC uniform (black dress with black Skechers) and I was in a smallish room. My reiki table was set up on one side and there were two very comfortable armchairs on the other side. I was in abou selling session and we were forward planning a weekly goal for my client. 

I was so happy. So relaxed. So calm. So in my element. 

And thus my business plan has started taking form. 

Exciting times ahead. 

Oh, and my photo for today’s 100 days of happiness is … 


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