A Random Phone Call

One of my long term goals is to start my own business. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. And today I just decided to do something about it. I have organised a consultation with a small business expert. 

I’m pretty darn impressed with myself. 

I figured the only thing stopping me from moving forward in my life is me. And if that’s my main obstacle, well, I can control that one. And so I did. 

I’m not sure where it will take me, if anywhere. But I’m happy that I’ll be armed with relevant information and won’t unwittingly break the law. 

Further to that, it’s almost time for me to start writing again. My hiatus has been positive in the sense that my creativity has been flooded with story ideas. When I’m  not writing I feel like a significant part of myself is lost to me. I hate that. Time to change that. See what I did there. 

And just as an update, I had my doctor’s appointment this morning for him to fill out my medical reference for my foster care application. I will mail that on Monday. 

And I spent this afternoon baking. Fifty three cupcakes later … I’m a bit tired. I love baking though. It was the picture for my fourth day of a hundred happy days. Plain, red velvet, caramel and GF chocolate. I may have stuffed the caramel ones though by using milk instead of water. I need a taste tester. Lol. 


7 thoughts on “A Random Phone Call

  1. Ahhh you and I are eerily so so similar. I’m jaded however, and you’re not. Which is really important if you’re looking into opening a healing clinic. I had big big dreams when I became a certified foot reflexologist at 21. I am cheering you on! I would love to visit you and your clinic on opening day. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. This would be a great excuse xx

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