Feeling of Achievement 

I cleaned the garage out today. I have thrown out a lot of paper and a fair bit of junk. Ruthlessly. I have sorted out what is going into a friend’s garage sale to raise money for the Cancer Council and have the first load in the car. 

When I was cleaning out to move, I wasn’t as ruthless. My home is small. Cleaning out now is in preparation for becoming a foster mum (praying fervently that I will be approved) and so I am really cleaning out. And I haven’t even started on the spare room (hopefully a future child or children’s room). 

The feeling of fulfilment though, from something that took all day and isn’t completely finished, is amazing. 

Every day I decide to be happy and fulfilled, and thus far, the desire is enough to make it reality. And for that, I am grateful. 

My first two pics for the 100 happy days challenge are on my private Facebook. They were: 

Today – Big Magic arrived in the post – woo hoo! 

Yesterday – my flowering plants – I love gardening/creating and need to make more time for it.


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