Breaking the Mood 

Nothing like hypocrisy to get a smile on my face. You have got to love Australian politics. I can only hope that the Liberal Party oust Abbott and we end up with a new Prime Minister even though it won’t change the party platform. 

The beauty is that the Australian public will still remain ignorant and will still proffer ignorant slogans and catch cries that say nothing except that the person with their mouth open is ignorant. And yes, I love using that word. 

Interesting times ahead … 

I hope Julia is grinning wryly. 

On to other things. 

Yes, my posts have been negative lately and those that read for inspiration may not have found much here. Life is a process though. I came back from New York so high and so knowledgable about who I was and where my life was heading. And it’s all still there but I’ll be getting there a bit slower than originally anticipated. 

But I have pulled myself from the mud and I am on my way to blossoming again. I feel the need to justify my spiralling but it will only serve to sound whiney. 

I am going to outline how I pulled myself out of the mud though, for several reasons. I do practice what I preach, it works for me, and it may help others. 

Also the reason for why I blog these days. I am strong. I am resilient. I am independent. But I’m not perfect and sometimes, even the strong must falter to progress. I have no shame and feel no apprehension in putting my story out there, sometimes without censorship. 

1. I realised I was starting to feel down. I acknowledged it. To myself and out loud. 

2. When it didn’t pass and I didn’t want to get out of bed, I started practicing gratitude. Not formally but every day. The beauty of this is that because it has been a regular practice, even on my darkest day I could easily find three things to be grateful for. 

3. I put myself first. If I couldn’t do something, I said it. And I didn’t feel guilty. Again, regular practice has enabled me to say no to guilt. 

4. I wrote a To Do list and started crossing things off. 

5. I did things that make me happy … Regularly. 

6. I had a massage. I spent time in the garden. I decluttered. 

7. I added more fruit and more vegetables to my diet which had started to slide. 

8. Targeting what was causing me grief, I came up with a series of action plans with small steps. 

9. I have given myself permission to not have to do everything today … I am practicing patience and trusting that I will achieve all that I need to achieve when I am meant to achieve it. 

10. The hardest part – I am telling people that I am not okay. 

11. I know this is temporary and I will get stronger. I am, everyday. However, it never ceases to amaze me how many people can not cope with a fragile and vulnerable Tina. 

I shake my head. I am a person not a concept. 

But you have to laugh. 

Especially at Australian politics. Realistically nothing much will change. The Liberal Party, if they vote against Abbott, may have saved themselves from definite loss next election. I have no faith in Australuan voters. 


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