What a difference a day makes

My resurrection continues … 

Played yesterday, had a massage, slept well (for the first time in a month), woke slowly, grocery shopped, bought some decorative items for the house, pulled some weeds up, tidied (no motivation to deep clean – saving that for tomorrow), had a visit from my mum, my sister and my nephews, and feel like I am getting my life back. 

I woke up this morning with a plan. Two things have been weighing on my mind in recent weeks. I have decided to write EPAC a letter and a second will go to the Department of Education. Possibly start two campaigns but will see how the letters are responded to. 

The basic message in both will be that the system continues the abuse that it says it will stop, that the system does not provide adequate or appropriate support for staff or students, and that in our society where kids know and understand that abuse is wrong, and it is mandatory to report it, and where one in five girls will be sexually assaulted before eighteen (and it isn’t much different for boys), there really needs to be a program in place in all schools that caters to supporting these kids and their friends. Realistically, parents don’t do it because it is hard and they don’t know how. 

And I have to do more to keep the balance in my life. Besides my blog I have not written in way too many weeks, and I am feeling lost. Nor have I completed my application to be a foster carer. 

And I paid a huge price. 

Silly girl, Tina, silly girl. 


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