The Importance of Play

Belinda and I played today. For over an hour. I was Head Teacher on Duty, it was a gorgeous day, and she wanted to be outside so we did my duty together. 

We mess with kids’ heads. The kids regard us both in similar ways. We’ve both been at the school for a long time; we’ll more than likely be buried there. When the bell went and the kids went to class, we didn’t let the fun stop. 

We started with a patrol of the main block. A male student attempted to get into the classroom through the reasonably high window. In stereo we yelled his full name. He put his feet back on the ground and all of a sudden the stragglers were all in class and quiet descended. So, we went to the same window and started jumping up and down, teacher oblivious, kids very entertained. 

Second last week of school. Friday. Last period. Glorious day. 

We decided to check who was teaching in the different classrooms and play. 

Knock and run was our favourite. Whilst we made it around the corner, doubling up with loud laughter ensured that we were discovered. 

We performed highlights from Grease for Year 10. Searched for, found and returned a truant to her class. Tormented the English staff. As a consequence, Matt sprayed Glen 20 in our faces as we went past the staffroom, resulting in screams of terror. I threw water on him as he left. And we’ve planned more – mwah. 

Learning from our initial mistake, we decided to play knock and run again but teed up with the teacher next door to hide in her classroom. 

Yep, we won that one, much to Year 7’s delight. 

Tormented a Year 12 boy who was shocked when our faces appeared at his window by arguing that he called us ugly. 

Attempted to torment Nic with no success; the only one to really catch us. 

Running amok. 

Have not laughed like that since we last played Charlie’s Angels; hiding around brick walls and skulking around the school discovering truants. 

Followed up with a 45 minute massage after work, fresh fruit and vegetables, a beautiful sunset, and I feel something lifting. 

A fair way to go but putting myself squarely first today, seems to have helped. 

And I restarted my gratitude journal a few nights ago, and have mapped a path forward. This weekend I shall attempt to list everything I have dealt with in the last few weeks and then burn it. Get rid of the foul energy. And then work out a program to run at school to help all of our troubled kids. 

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Play

  1. I have to say my year 10 were not impressed when I played Greases Summer Nights as an introduction to popular culture, they were not impressed with yours either but watching them suffer was fun. Bit disappointing that you didn’t stay to finish hang man

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