One of those weeks …

When you don’t schedule your time effectively you fail to meet deadlines. 

Ask me. I know. 

I am so far behind in so much at the moment. Work. My fostering application. Amazing how not being able to cross things off your To Do list can cause serious anxiety.

And funnily, this morning I had a student come in to sign some paperwork and she didn’t look alright. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was but there was a hesitation. Obviously she wasn’t really okay. 

At this point I always have to weigh up the context: is it worth pushing that little bit further. I decided it was. 

We spoke for the duration of that period. She has been suffering anxiety. We talked about why and we shared strategies, and at that point, sharing my strategies, I realised I needed to hear them too. 

It’s funny how the universe brings us the people we need in our life at certain times, and forces us to say the things we most need to hear to other people at the right time. And so we giggled as we laughed at the irony. 

And so I understand more why my life experiences have been as they are, and why I am in this particular workplace at this particular time. 

And it doesn’t matter that I didn’t meet deadlines. I will work hard over the weekend to catch them up before Monday morning. The time spent talking to the kids that needed Tina time today, well, that’s where the real value in my job lies … For me and for them. 

And so those deadlines, they don’t matter, not really. 

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