There was a time, not so long ago, when I wouldn’t have booked a hotel for myself for a conference in Sydney. 

I didn’t think I was worth the time out from reality. How sad hey. A very simple pleasure. Not driving home for hours in traffic only to turn around tomorrow morning and drive in the same traffic to get back here. 

I am worth taking this time though. I am worth spending the Qantas points on this two roomed room (I’ve never stayed in one like this before). I am worth spending the extra points for water views. 

We all are. 

Initially I debated whether it was all worth it. The internal dialogue lasted for days, back and forth. And for no real reason. I accumulate the points so why not use them. 

Having said that, before I realised that I could use my points I was going to use cash. My logic there would have been the same. 

I am worth living my life with occasional decadence from time out. I work hard. I am generally a good person. I deserve this. 

We all do. 

And so many of us forego this type of behaviour because we can’t afford it, we don’t have time, there are other things more important. But I argue all of this. We can all afford something, we can make the time, and nothing is more important than our mental health and acknowledging we are worth the occasional lapse from reality. 

The sun is setting. Plane after plane is taking off to explore the skies above. City lights are twinkling. 

In this moment of calm, of peace, all is perfect. 

Summer is coming. It is getting dark later. It isn’t as cold. And people are out. 

I am blessed. 

What can you do for yourself tomorrow, that is just for you? 

Do it. 


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