I have read through all of the fostering paperwork for the application form. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and a little sad. 

I need to include my life story. 


Could I just include a link to here? 

A tale of surviving dysfunction. Not conquering it. Surviving. How much do you tell? How much revelation supports an application and how much stomps on the application’s head?

Honesty is the best policy. 

But is it really. 


I could be creative and fashion it as a fairytale preempting their decision on my application; after all, I deserve a happily ever after. 

Life story. 

How does one do that. 

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Well, I’ve found that people always love to hear a good story. For a lot of people a good story includes a happy ending. My initial impression was for you to write a linear account of your life: childhood/adolescence into adulthood focusing on your strengths and how you’ve overcome obstacles and how you ‘never give up’ looking for a solution and how you work hard towards living peacefully and happily. I’d be a little guarded in terms of giving too much information. They only need the CV, the resume…the best stuff…the stuff that sets you apart. Would it help to see it as writing your CV? A linear tale of your education, work history, hobbies, strengths etc.

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