Teaching is about relationships

Yes, you need to know your subject material. But for real success in the classroom you need to be authentic so that the kids are willing to build strong relationships with you. 

It really is as simple as that. 

And relationships with their parents and carers. 

We had our Subject Selection night for Years 8 and 10 into 9 and 11. And I had fun. I caught up with some parents I have known for years, and I was able to torment the kids. It was lovely. I’m still smiling … With fondness and with love. 

Relationships is why I’m still teaching – nowhere else do you have the ability to love and care for so many people whilst also positively impacting lives, and the future of our world. 

Dump the fear. Follow your vision. And teach. 

Best job. 

Oh, and teach in a school that is labeled low socio-economic – you feel your worth and your value. Perseverance pays off. 

Love you kids! 

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