Our Responsibility To Ourselves

It is important to acknowledge the truth in every moment. It is also important to let go of each moment as it passes. Being wholly present is vital to inner calm and happiness. I think. 

This is difficult to achieve initially, but with perseverance becomes easier. Like everything. Hard work eventually pays off. And we owe it to ourselves to never give up on ourselves. We all deserve fulfilment and happiness. 

I am a happy person. I have moments where it might be difficult or near impossible to recognise that but only because I honour my emotions and the things that impact my happiness. I also know how to process them to resolve them. These days. 

At my core, I am happy. Blissfully. I lead an amazing life. And it continues to get better. 

Given a choice between life and death there is no contention about which I would choose.

But this hasn’t always been the case. 

I spent a lot of my youthful years craving escape from life. I am very grateful and feel very blessed that that craving was never indulged. 

Life isn’t easy but it is very precious. The harder we experience it the more blessings we ultimately have. I think. Life is never perfect but it can be exceptional, and there can be many, many perfect moments. It truly is a blessing. 

But one that we are responsible in creating. 

If you aren’t happy, work out why, and fix it. 

If you aren’t fulfilled, what is it that you are longing for. Create it. 

If you are longing for your life to be different, muster the courage and change it. 

It is your life. 

Live it your way. 

That is your responsibility to yourself. 

Be the best and the happiest that you can be. 

Why else are we here. 


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