The Snow Globe Moments

I am in transition. I can feel it. I have shaken my life up and I am patiently waiting to see where everything lands. 

I have no certainty in my future. But I have stability in my present. Life has provided me with many, many options. 

Teaching high school. Writing. Leadership in schools. Counselling. Meditation teaching. Reiki. Developing a writing to heal short term writing course. Fostering.

And then, twice in the last week, I have been told by two individuals who are exceptionally close to me, that they think I should be developing and facilitating some self-awareness workshops. 

Hmmm … Much food for thought. 

How exciting is my life to have so many diverse options. The world truly has become my oyster. 


And that’s without the superior Botany Bay views hotel room I just booked for a two day Literacy Conference coming up. A night of writing in a beautiful environment. 


Life is good. 

Who’d a thunk it possible 😜. 


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