The energies are bizarre at the moment; so many tears and dramas today, legitimate tears and dramas. 

My heart breaks for my kids so often, and unfortunately I regard them all as my kids. That feeling of investment and responsibility, and I wonder if I had had my own, if it would be as intense for me. We shall never know, so shall deal with what is. 

I was reminded of a valuable lesson today, one, it seems, I am reminded of often. We can never judge another unless we have truly walked in their shoes. 

Last week I said to myself, “Man that person is cold.” 

Today I found out a little about why they come across as cold. Self-defense. I should have know better. Woopsy Tina, woopsy. 

I have longer periods of time between reminders of this lesson. At least I am learning, albeit slowly. It could be worse. I might never have started on the learning path 😉. 

So, today, sexual abuse disclosure, resulting in a serious discussion with other staff members, supporting another student who was called names by her brother whom she adores, sorting out some friendship dramas, and trying to get another student to work out who she wants to be, and so many other welfare incidents. So many tears; so much love needed. 

What a day! 

Ending at Campbelltown Arts Centre for their educators session. Reminders of New York lessons and a magical night listening to Mary Badham, and accepting my true desires and THAT I AM WORTH ACHIEVING THEM! It’s only taken 44 years for me to feel my value. 

Better late than never! 

See, blessed. I feel, I share, I love, I learn, I understand.   


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