Short and Sweet 

I am blessed. 

Both of my parents are alive and I have great relationships with both. 

My siblings and I are close. 

I have an incredible and humane daughter. And she is happy with her equally incredible husband.

I have beautiful and intelligent nieces and nephews. 

I have a HUGE extended family: the Cravens, the Hayes’, the Jones’, the Daniels, the Sharps, the Smith’s, the Heard’s, and the Cusack/Christs. 

I have many friends from many phases of my life whom I have always loved and will always love for their impact in and on my life. 

I have the best Molly and the best Max in the world. And we live in a homely home. 

I have a secure job filled with love and warmth (most moments of most days).

I possess talent in many areas. 

I have a promising future and an amazing present. 

I am happy. 

I love living. 

I am grateful.  


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