The Best Thing About Teaching

The very best thing about teaching is the kids. That magical feeling of deep connection and fun in the classroom is unbeatable. I am very blessed that I can have that magic almost every day with at least one of my classes, sometimes all of them. 

And that is a truly wonderful day. 

As much as I am sometimes a cranky woman in my classroom, today I had an epiphany that I need to be or we would never get anything done. Lessons that should take twenty minutes max, on days like today drag out the entire period. And I would like to blame the poor behaviour of my students, but that would be a lie. 

Today, yes today, it was my fault, with both of my classes. 

And that is why I should not be happy in my classroom. 

I play. 

And can’t stop. 

And they laugh, and they enjoy it, but I’m naughty. We don’t get enough done. 

My Year 8 class are also taught by my partner in crime. When I received my allocation last year, she was overjoyed that we were both going to teach them. I had reservations; I had had to mete out a lot of consequences in Art last year for poor behaviour choices from many of these kids. 

But I was wrong. 

I adore them. 

And yesterday, when my partner in crime was having a bit of a rough moment, one of the boys told her to calm down. And now, I think he regrets it. 


For two lessons I have paid him back. We have all enjoyed it. I think there were even moments that he enjoyed it. I mean, he was smiling. Well, most of the time. 

And then one of the girls told one of the other girls to use expression when she presented her part in the play. So, fairly, when the director presented her part I gave permission for the first girl to say the same thing to her. And that just went from funny to hilarious. 

And then we all turned our attention back to the boy. 

He has a strong heart. And he knows I was only teasing. Please don’t think I’m an evil bully. He is coping. 

And as I said, they all left smiling and laughing, and that’s what you want sometimes. As a teacher it makes you excited for next week. I’m grateful for the weekend, but I’m not resenting going back to work next week either. 

A good day. 

Plus I think six formal cautions. Not for my kids. Other people’s. After a mental day yesterday. 

Great end. Necessary. 

Thank you Elia! And the rest of 8E! 


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