Confession lol

I am trying to maintain a healthy life – work balance. As a result of that I have taken tomorrow’s schedule into account as well as my priority things to do, and decided to buy some furniture and assemble it tonight. 

I have learned a few things as a result:

1. IKEA flat packs are the easiest flat packs to assemble. My product was NOT from IKEA. 

2. You get what you pay for. The cubed shelving unit is for inside my wardrobe so it didn’t need to be swanky, but bits of it broke as I constructed it. You get what you pay for. It still fulfills its purpose and looks good, underneath my many dresses lol. 

3. The instructions in cheaper products are often wrong and the more time you spend deciphering them, the more frustrated you become. It is best to use logic and make the instructions up yourself. 

4. It doesn’t matter what TV show is on when you build furniture; however, when it’s The Bachelor and you realise you are enjoying a show you vowed you would never waste your time on, you really shouldn’t confess it on the Internet. 

Oops! 😜

And you shouldn’t keep watching it, becoming interested in who does or doesn’t get a flipping rose. Bahahahahaha! 

6 thoughts on “Confession lol

  1. The Bachelor is a great education tool for your two amazing nieces to learn how NOT to behave in the hunt for a man. These women are beautiful but amazingly ugly on the inside as they bite scratch and insult to win a man.

    From this show alone I know my girls will act decently in trying to one day find a man. It’s why I also secretly love the Kardashians – again – another perfect example of how never to live or behave. They have no values, no appreciation for hard work and are making millions (which could seriously help many under privileged families in America and the world) on being nothing.


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  2. Hahaha this is too funny. I am actually about to put a small 4 cube storage unit to go in my wardrobe too so I have to ask… was it the one from fantastic furniture? Because that is what I have got eik.
    I can’t believe parts broke, that is really bad!
    I was about to say I watched the bachelor one season, but then I remembered it was ‘Farmer wants a wife’ (that’s the name right?). It was hilarious! All these city girls rocking up to a farm and freaking out when their shoes and persons got covered in mud and poo! Quality comedic entertainment… I am not sure that is what the show was aiming for though hahaha.
    Oh wait I think I do remember something about the bachelor from last year (it was in all the media) about the chick who cried because he took her for a pie? And then there was the whole drama after the show finished or something? Ugh… you can tell how much I pay attention 🙂


    • Lol I don’t know anything about any of that … The insane things we do with our time hey 😉

      Mine is from Kmart. It looks great in the wardrobe and it was only 39. I looked at the fantastic furniture one online but Kmart was closer. I think I should have gone to fantastic furniture lol


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