Living A Happy Life

Contrary to perceptions created by the subject matter of my blog at times, I am a happy person. 

I should probably stop here lol. 

I say this because happiness is important to me. As we age we can become stagnant in our lives because the responsibilities inherent in adulthood restrict us from abandoning routine and really living by doing what we want to do. Social and familial expectations are also responsible I think. 

And it’s a hard call.

We have to have stability in work to pay the rent/mortgage. We have to pay our bills. We enjoy luxuries like phones, entertainment, travel. 

A few of us were talking intermittently today about the need to be happy in life. For so many of us though, this means a change in job or a change in work/life balance. We are all moving towards it depending on different contingency plans specific to our own lives. 

For me, I am waiting to see what happens with my assessment as a foster carer. That outcome will determine my work path. However, there are things I can do now, irrespective of that outcome. 

I need to write a To Do list for work; I’m struggling to keep my head focused on doing everything that I need to be doing. And I think I need to write one for home too. I think if I write down all that I want to achieve it may make me accountable. So this weekend, weather permitting, I will get into the garden. And now that I have started two adolescent fiction novels, I will continue working on them. And by turning off the television, I will at least get one of the four books I am currently reading, read. 

I think success and happiness resides in the creation of lists. 

Easy enough. Lol. If only it truly was that simple for everyone. 



4 thoughts on “Living A Happy Life

  1. This is very true for me too. I know I rant on my blog sometimes, but generally speaking I am a happy person, I was even written up at two previous work places for being “overly happy” and “too happy” which is ridiculous obviously. Also obvious was the fact that they were not the right workplaces for me. Where I am now loves my “exuberant and bubbly” personality (isn’t that a lovely way to be described by your boss).
    I think for me the main focus of the times that I am feeling unhappy are all to do with infertility, I feel a bit lost on this journey because there is so much that is beyond my control which really isn’t a nice feeling. But, you find ways to deal with these things 🙂

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    • I am hearing you. I was the same. And I think it is the roller coaster too. There is such a cycle of emotion added to the complete relinquishing of control. I often said during my six year journey that I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It is so unfair.

      I think it’s okay to feel whatever you need to feel too. Privately and publicly. I wish you the very best though and there will always be a sympathetic and understanding ear here for you xo

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      • Thank you, that’s so nice of you. At the end of this year it will be 4 years for me. It took me 2 years and 5 doctors to test me properly and find the PCOS, Insulin Resistance and Thyroid problems. Prior to that they all just told me I was obese and needed to lose weight and gave me an unbelieving look when I told them I was eating well and exercising, but it kept piling on. Sigh.
        I have often thought of fostering and adoption even before I knew about the fertility issues. There are a lot of children out there that have a rough start in life through no fault of their own and I would do a lot to be able to help them. That’s part of the reason I chose to work in a Library in a low economic area.
        I know I have only recently discovered your blog, but you seem like a really caring person with a lot of love and life experiences to offer and I think you will be a wonderful foster Mum!

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        • Thank you! I think you sound very similar to mess right back at you 😉

          It’s a rough journey and as soon as people see that extra weight is carried that becomes the issue not the sign of something else. It’s wrong. I’m glad you kept fighting for your diagnosis though, and fingers crossed that your path will take proper shape. And you get some control back. Xo

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