It’s been a week … 

This time last week I had arrived home, and despite my best efforts was asleep on the lounge. It’s been a huge processing week for me. 

One of my quick, recent posts outlined how much I was struggling with myself as a woman. That has started to change. I can’t pinpoint why but I am relieved, very relieved. It’s like my soul is smiling, broadly, and that smile has started to permeate every aspect of my being. Bizarre, I know. 

I have never claimed to be normal 😜. 

I received bucket loads of love upon my return to work. Almost suffocatingly loved. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There have been times I have felt (foolishly) guilty for being loyal to my school and the kids. 

I know that anywhere I go, the kids will love me. I’m special like that. But I love these kids. And I want to watch them age and mature, at least until they graduate high school. 

There is a beauty in the love that exists between teacher and student, and it’s longevity is determined by presence. One of the things that really came out in all of the comments about Jeff at his funeral was his loyalty to Airds High School. Respect. 

When you find your school home, I don’t think you need to leave it. I think you should only leave if your career promotions cannot be filled there. I believe that you can mix up your experiences in any school by choosing different things to do. 

Most of the people who have left my school in recent times have not found the same level of happiness elsewhere. So, I have no motivation to move. I am (mostly) happy at Reddall, and the people I am privileged to work with every day, well, I am privileged. 

Some of my best friends in the world have come from my association with Reddall. My maturity and developing wisdom have evolved from experiences at Reddall or whilst I have been at Reddall. 

I started there as a young teacher in 1999. I have made some big mistakes, I’ve had some bad moments, BUT more significantly, and in a much larger quantity, I have found real acceptance for who I am and how I teach, and real appreciation for who I am and how I do what I do. 

I love my school and the little ferals that I get to interact with every day. The relationships that I am blessed to develop sustain me and enable me to laugh and smile (often at their expense) more often than not. 

Loyalty to a school is not a bad thing; for better or for worse. 

Who says I have commitment issues?!

Bahahahahaha, yes I know I do. But I now know why. It’s been a big week. 


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