If I could give you anything … 

Some munchkins I adore are going through some incredibly challenging times at the moment. 

Lots of people are. 

One of the most invigorating aspects of ageing though, is knowing that hardship is temporary. Really knowing it. Because you’ve lived through it many many times, and are still standing, and standing happily. Happier and more fulfilled than you ever dreamed you would be able to. 

Life isn’t fair. Some people do enjoy a blessed ride. Some of us don’t appear to enjoy that same sort of ride. And that is okay. 

Because in the long run, I think hardship, suffering and pain, and doing the work to keep moving forward and not giving up, yield beautiful lives. And deep wisdom. And a deeper capacity for love, and enjoying the beauty that is in every second. Something that I wouldn’t know for sure without the dark times that I have lived through. 

And, so … 

If I could give you anything, it would be this hope and wisdom that has evolved from my experience. 

Everything is temporary. 

You will smile again. 

You will laugh again, 

You will love again. 

And, you will hurt again. 

But what blossoms in you and in your life will one day make you see that it was all worth it. The fight is worth it. Doing the work is worth it. It all has a place in your existence, a necessary one, to make you whole. 

Do not give up. 

There are enough funerals for people to attend already. Your’s shouldn’t be one of them. 

There is beauty on the other side of this for you. 

If you close your eyes and tilt your face to the sun on a warm day you can feel it. If you stand in the cold and embrace your freezing cheeks, you can feel it. If you hear the sound of real laughter, you can feel it. 

There is beauty on the other side of this for you. 

There are things you haven’t done, places you haven’t seen, people you haven’t met, dreams you haven’t fulfilled … Give yourself these. You are enough, and you deserve it. 

Trust me. 



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