John F Kennedy and Sunday

We made our way to the JFK Museum and Library at Columbia Point yesterday. I have always liked what JFK represented, and similarly to Martin Luther King Jr, have always respected their unwitting sacrifices in their attempts (and successes) in making our world a better place.

I have never known much about his life prior to the Presidency so I really enjoyed discovering these things. And as could be expected, it reignited my own passion for politics. There is something about the political world that really ‘excites’ me. I know how hard the life is, how many hours of work, the compromises … and still …

I cried as we watched the footage of his assassination and the subsequent news reels announcing his death.

I always feel a bit dumb about my tears. Like about these things. But it devastates me that good people are never allowed to just be and to just do. There always has to be someone who thinks their way is more right. When they are so obviously wrong. The greater good should trump individual gain in most circumstances. I really do not understand how other people can believe that we are all in this world for individual advancement rather than the collective, communal good.

Meh …

Sobered, we left to have lunch and then shop. Which I did willingly. And which I enjoyed (has hell frozen over lol).

And again, spent some time in a park. The parks, manicured or wild, are beautiful overwhelmingly here. I have said it before, and no doubt will say it again, but Boston is such a pretty city.

And so clean.

I love New York, unreservedly, unconditionally. I was very apprehensive that Boston would not measure up or be enjoyable as a result. So wrong.

I love Boston in a completely different way.

Like, Ben and Jerry’s Icecream. Fair Trade. Dairy friendly. And basically so left wing in its views that I am surprised I had never ventured into this ice-cream utopia before.

Choc Mint and Chocolate Brownie Fudge.




Who’d a thought.

The humidity on the East Coast is not something I am a fan of. I am wearing my smelly dress for our trip to Salem today. Humidity is meant to be lower but I have my doubts. Then the smelly dress will be going in to the dirty clothes bag in my suitcase.

Two days and I commence my journey back to real life.


I had a reflexology foot massage which my tired feet embraced warmly.

Then back to the hotel for a Thai delivery dinner.

Then researching Salem’s events: the must see or do things for Tina.

We are heading out now so I must go and shall finish this later.

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