The Upper East Side and Rain 

I am struggling to sleep normally. I am generally going to bed by 11 but tossing and turning until 3. Today it took its toll. I woke up at 830 feeling like death warmed up. Thank god Lauren was understanding and let me lie in for another hour. She went to the gym. I was functioning when she returned. 

We decided to do the Uptown loop on the bus tour today. It started well. And then it bucketed down. We were on the top level but under shelter (huge amen) and the rain was flooding our end of the bus as it moved – maybe an inch of water. Excitement plus. Obviously we grinned throughout its entirety. 

The buses are great to see the breadth of the city. We only take them to our destinations and then use the subway. I’m not overly impressed with the tours. 

We got off after the Upper West Side and Harlem. I loved seeing the sights and learning the history. I always do. A huge nerd day today. 

We got off for the Guggenheim. They have a collection by one of Lauren’s top three artists and a Storylines collection that focuses on the stories/narratives that artwork shares. Really is an amazing exhibition. I loved it – beware Extension English. I have the app and we will be exploring the life writing evident in some of my favourite pieces. Visual Arts students should look at it to strengthen their concepts too. Amazing. 

Then lunch at Subway, and then Lauren and I went our separate ways. I stayed to explore the Upper East Side and she headed towards home. 

I’m sitting at 92Y now, waiting for Mary Badham to read from To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman. The latter released today. I read the first chapter when it was released in The Guardian the other day; I’m not entirely convinced Harper Lee wrote it. Hehe. Probably shouldn’t say that but I bought the book today and after I have read more of it I shall apologise or outline my argument. Ultimately it doesn’t matter; what I have read, reads well. 

Australia has lost something by losing bookstores, like large multilevelled book stores. I have spent the afternoon in Barnes and Noble following my bliss. 

I love bookstores. 

I love New York City. 

I am getting a tattoo tomorrow. That’s a bit exciting for me too. 


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