The Excitement is Building 

I am jet lagged. It took a few days. It is 8.30 on Sunday morning here and I fell asleep around 4 this morning. My eyes are stinging but I need to stay awake and push through it today. 


First world problem. I know. 

So yesterday we slept most of the day, exhausted from our night out in Williamsburg’s finest pubs. What a great night! The sort of night that makes you grateful to be alive. 

And then last night John Butler Trio at Madison Square Garden; the only air conditioning in the city set to cold at the moment lol. And JBT did not disappoint. If you say you love music and you see them live, I have no idea how you don’t become an instant fan. The musicianship is spectacular! 

We didn’t stay for Dispatch. Heard a song. They were good. But we decided the city was calling to us. I’m sure the people near us were shocked. I wanted to give our tickets to someone outside but we were told that it was impossible to do. A bit sad. 

And it was a bit weird. Dispatch Hunger have solid politics and ethics. In principle they are my type of band. They work to raise awareness, and manifest change for the disenfranchised and voiceless. The vast majority of their fans are white middle class. In such a multicultural city the glaring lack of multiculturalism staggered me. 

And so we went to The Empire State Building. But not before a homeless woman with her cat exacted the irony from me about where we had been. 

I perpetually feel perplexed. I would like to give all of the homeless money but I would end up homeless myself. I feel conflicted every time we see a homeless person. What is wrong with our world that so few feel anything and even fewer act. What is wrong with our collective consciousness that in reasonably affluent sections of the world this is even an issue. 

Why is there not more brotherhood? 

Anyhow, my upper working class guilt was assuaged slightly by the views from the 86th floor of The Empire State Building; memories of Deborah Kerr and Meg Ryan at the forefront of my mind. Staggering views of NYC at night. The vastness and the potential. Protected from the harsh realities on the pavement. 

But what a frustrating journey to the floor. So many lines and no warning that it requires patience. Oh, and I found out why there was not a blend of culture at The Garden; the cultures were working. 

Said a lot. Raises questions about the veritable success of Lincoln’s Proclamation. Well I think it does. We live in an interesting world. And I don’t mean interesting in a significantly positive way. I raise my eyebrow but don’t pretend to have any answers beyond the idealisms I have always nurtured. 

And then the impact of minimum wage clearly seen at McDonald’s. Minimum wage there results in no pride in the quality of work; no apologies for en masse mistakes to orders for multiple customers. 

However, one greedy arse customer got his comeuppance. He knew he had received someone else’s order and thought he’d be greedy until he opened the order to find a meatless cheeseburger and a bun less quarter pounder. That’s what you get buddy for being a greedy arse bahahahaha. Our order took half an hour as a result, even though they tried to give Lauren his cold order. No pride. 

And today The Statue of Liberty on a cruise and I see about my tattoo. Woo hoo. 

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