Nothing Gold Can Stay 

I love NYC. Do not make any mistake about that. I think I would love living here but it isn’t perfect (is anything). I’m going to list the negatives: 

1. Some of the locals are lovely (most of them; not the Maccas teams) but they are in the minority. The foreigners (obviously excluding us) are not. They are rude, selfish and disrespectful. Some cultural groups seem to be worse than others but I won’t go into particulars here. I sometimes hear Aussies speak and cringe, trying not to open my mouth because they are so ignorant and happy to advertise it. 

2. Minimum wage ensures that workers do not take pride in their work. Service is slow, servers are rude, and the food isn’t the greatest quality. 

3. For a nation with significant unemployment there is plenty of work for rubbish removalists and cleaners; governments need to spend the money and kill two birds with one stone. 

4. Australia might appear to be a socialist nation (yep, especially with Abbott at the helm) but free healthcare really should be a given in every country. 

5. Synonymous with point 3, rats love garbage. They love NYC too.  

6. Air conditioners either work or don’t so you freeze or boil. And you have no control. 

It is late and I am tired. Cruising the waters tomorrow. And then attempting some serious writing at Bryant or Central Park whilst my fellow traveller cruises some shops. 

John Butler Trio was amazing. The views from The Empire State Building are amazing. The never ending lines to get there need to be advertised more clearly so that you know what you are in for. 


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