The Best Night Ever … Almost

Oh my gosh! So Lauren’s sister’s best friend has a friend in New York through her husband. He took us out in Brooklyn tonight. We started at a pub called Enid’s. I am shy and introverted, anyone that knows me well knows that this is true. IN front of kids I am great; give me an adult audience and I fall apart.

Except for false confidence and oh my lord, that is in force tonight. We started at Enid’s on Manhattan Avenue and we met Ben and his Australian friends; all great people. We had a few drinks and moved on to Irene’s in Brooklyn. If ever in New York go outside of Manhattan (as hard as it is to get a cab driver to bring you back) and go to this very quaint Polish pub. We actually met Irene the owner who has family in Australia, We have exchanged details and if she contacts me I know to contact her family in South West Sydney and let them know that she is thinking of them. We left our details in the hands of the sober barmaid, whom Irene referred to as family.

She spent so much time with us, sharing stories about Australia and we ended up singing “Home Among the Gum Trees” by John Williamson. Amazing.

Being so old 😉 I had to leave before the others and had to catch a cab back to Manhattan. No easy feat. We organised Uber and they cancelled on us. Ben (our host) fought several cabbies to get me back, explaining it was illegal for them to refuse if their light was on. And as a result, after three or four said no, even with me sitting in the cab, we found the best cab driver in the world.

His area is Brooklyn not Manhattan. When we collectively got lost (I’ve only been here three days, actually two) he stopped his meter. We drove around for a fair bit after that to find my exact door because he didn’t want me to get out anywhere but home. He said that it wouldn’t be right. He is from Colombia. He came here for freedom. I told him that he did all New York cabbies proud tonight (3.30am) and I tipped him accordingly. He seriously did not let me out of the cab until another fare came up. He made her use her internet to check to see how far I was from home, and then he didn’t drive away until I was inside, even with another fare. I let her know she had the best cabbie in NYC. She just laughed like I was drunk :-/.

For the first time I successfully used our keys to get myself inside the flat. And now I am typing this. And then I am going to sleep – I am way too old for big nights. And tomorrow night, and by tomorrow I mean tonight. is John Butler Trio at Madison Square Garden.

Oh and btw, the best night ever … almost, because a night in Dublin comes close if not surpasses it.

Unexpected nights are always the BEST.

Oh and btw #2, I am now, in my own books, a true New Yorker!

2 thoughts on “The Best Night Ever … Almost

  1. sounds amazing sister! I have seen way too many american cop shows that i would have been shit scared in a taxi in NYC and to get lost – OMG – I would have started crying i think!

    Sounds amazing though so far!

    Very jealous this end… take care!!!

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    • NYC is nowhere near as dangerous as television tells us it is. Ben who took us out last night said NY has become significantly safer in the past few years. I was devastated that there weren’t dead bodies throughout Central Park 😉


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