Spring to Come

Listening to John Butler Trio on the grass in Central Park on a hot day with a cool breeze.
Does life get better than this?
“Out of the darkness only light can come.”
I think about where I’ve been, and I never ever would have believed that this broken girl from Campbelltown would be sitting here today.



And gullible and naive. On our walk through Times Square to get here I fell for the selling ploys of a street musician trying to make it. I bought his signed CD.
He had better become famous.
I have loved the idea of New York City since I was a child. Everyone in the movies went there to escape and to find themselves, fulfil their dreams, become all that they were meant to be.
“After the lonely, long night, comes the sun.”
I intend to start being all that I was destined to be when I return home.
I have promised Lauren that when I make my first million with my writing we will fly back first class and stay in a thousand dollar a night hotel near Central Park.
And I don’t want to be a liar 😉.
I am my only obstacle.

What is your dream?

Who do you want to be?

What is stopping you?

Amen, New York.


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