As the sun descends …

Today has been such a long day. Wednesday started for us at about 4.30 am Australian Eastern Standard time which is (if my Maths isn’t too bad) 30 hours ago. Minimal sleep and minimal food. We are tired. Lol … but happy.

We touched down at JFK at around 5.30pm (three and a half hours ago – Australia you are fourteen hours ahead of us). My excitement and my nerves started to really crescendo about forty five minutes prior to that. I was holding my property and ready to disembark. Excited because I have dreamed of coming to New York for decades and am finally here; nervous because what if it isn’t what I have always dreamed it would be … no control over it so I am releasing it.

The drive from JFK to Manhattan is quite long but it provided us with an excellent opportunity to observe.

The first two things that struck us were how much garbage lines the highways and streets, and the second was how box-like the houses are, exactly like we see on TV – USA flags too. And the houses we drove past (different socio-economic streets side by side) were quite large. Don’t get me wrong, I have watched enough Scott McGillivray to know this but seeing them – man, some are HUGE. And there are basketball courts everywhere – like we see on TV. And the emergency vehicles, same as on TV. It is the small things like this that have imposed on my perceptions today. It all feels quite surreal and I am not sure that I will ever believe I am here, or was here.

Hey, and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the plane. And cried. Does not matter how many times I see it, I always cry. More restrained on an aeroplane but still …

Hester Street, where we are staying, is a bit convoluted for traffic. Our poor cabbie had to drive a couple of times around the block. We are going to google the tipping. We gave him 20% and he didn’t seem happy.

So Hester Street and our apartment. Our apartment in New York City. Yep, Lauren and my apartment in New York City. Our apartment.

And it is hot. Very humid. Someone told me that New York City is a dry heat. I’m saturated. I know I was whinging about the cold at home but it dawned on me that it wasn’t too long ago I was complaining about the heat in our summer. No pleasing some folks. We have an air con. Hmmm. Looks new. I’m sitting in front of it. Hot.

Priorities. We worked out the wifi. I showered. We worked out our bedding.

Then, Lauren was standing at our second floor window looking down at the street. And a young gentleman, oblivious to those walking past or looking out their windows, was urinating on a car parked in the street. I did not believe that this could be so until I saw it with my own eyes!

Welcome to NYC Tina and Lauren bahahahaha.

6 thoughts on “As the sun descends …

  1. Oh, I’m so excited for the 2 of you!! I can just see you there, sitting on the plane like an excited school girl. Did you shead a tear or two? Enjoy beautiful one in the city that never sleeps xxxx

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