If a trip starts badly … Lol. 

We are at the airport. Our flight is delayed. This is only a problem because we have to collect our luggage and go through the same process at LAX, and only have two hours between arrival and departure to New York. Less than two hours now. Oops. 

We also don’t recommend Qantas. Once Australia’s premiere airline. Not anymore. 

The staff here at Sydney are rude as. We were waiting in line and one of the staff moved the people behind us, who had been waiting significantly less, to another area where they were processed very quickly. 

Our dietary requirements weren’t processed. I haven’t had breakfast. Yikes. They are going to see what they can do. 😳

Then when Lauren put in a complaint, the lady kept her boarding pass. We didn’t realise until customs. 

Our logic is that a trip that starts with one thing after another will be an amazing trip. 

Here’s hoping … 

I’m going to New York – woo hooooooooo! 


7 thoughts on “If a trip starts badly … Lol. 

  1. Put it all in your next book! And the nasty Qantas staff? One can be the horrible woman next door, one can be the cruel headmaster, one can be your psycho criminal. Use them! I do it all the time. SO satisfying! Enjoy!

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  2. You look so excited. And you’re a lot closer to Canada now 🙂 If you were in Buffalo (near Niagara Falls) I’d definitely come and visit you.

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