Signs and Laughter 


Just a quick reading this morning for me, feeling energies shift and all that jazz, and this was my last of three cards (literally pulled out 42, 41 and 43 – what are the odds). 

She represents working with the shadows within me and within my life. 

Surprisingly to most people, I am an introvert and unless I am with children, I am painfully shy. At times, this has stopped me from embracing opportunities. 

During the week I was invited to a workshop that two of my soul friends are coordinating (one teaching/facilitating) in the Blue Mountains in August. The workshop is focused on working with our blind spots. 

Shadows. Blind spots. The same thing really. 

I was already intending to go. 

Laugh out loud. 

Now I have no choice. 

As I say to the kids: twenty seconds of courage is all anything takes, and feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Listening to the signs makes happiness achievable and longer lasting; I know I am where I am meant to be. 

For now. 
If you are interested in the details of the workshop, you can send me a message at and I will forward you the details. Marcus and Ginny walk the walk. It will be worthwhile. 

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