I wasn’t going to write about this yet but I’ve just had another rush of overwhelming emotion. And I need to get it out of my head. 

I made a decision on Thursday night. Quite a big one. And then I acted on it. I’m not exactly sure where it will take me. That’s why I wasn’t going to write about it. 

I adore the girls in my Extension class. So I am also blaming them for this lol. They will know why. 

There are increasingly more students/children in foster care. I have commenced the process of becoming a foster carer before but then opted to keep trying for my own with IVF. I thought I would struggle to give it back to the birth parents if I had to. I didn’t think I would cope well with that. 

This story actually starts last December. I am a firm believer that parents should support their child: successes and failures. Two of my students, sisters, were unable to attend the school’s Presentation Evening to collect their awards because no one could take them. 

I was gutted for them. So I organised with their parent to take them. 

One of these girls graduates high school next term. Again, the parents can’t be there. Sigh. No judgement it is just so sad. So I’ve told her I’ll be her champion that day, standing in her corner and cheering her on. I have done this before for Graduation. 

And then I became overwhelmed with emotion. And then I had a soul epiphany. One of my best friend’s has said, “I’ve been telling you this for years.” My epiphany was: I have so much love in me to give out to kids. I can be a champion to a child or siblings that can’t live with their birth parents. I can make a positive difference in their lives. I can love them. I can be their champion. Even if it is temporary. 

And so I’ve taken the first step. 


And I am so emotional about it. I just hope my period is coming so the tears are from PMS lol. 

10 thoughts on “Transition 

  1. You have been many peoples champion! Including myself. You have much love to give. I hope it all works out for you, you deserve nothing but the very best.

    Much love 😘

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  2. I am thrilled for you to be making such a wonderful choice. Children you come in contact with are so very lucky to have you in their lives…you will make the best foster mum! Can’t wait to follow your journey xxx

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  3. I wish nothing but the best for you. I know that you write for you and what is in your heart at the time it’s nice to hear and whoever you have in your life will be loved wholely and you the same X keep writing 🙂

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  4. What richness and depth this decision will add to your life. Yes, we have all been telling you this for years but life doesn’t work that way – we have to find our own truths. WE are the ones standing in YOUR corner now cheering you on. What adventures this will bring x

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