The Beauty of Aging

I had an experience as I drove to work this morning. It was dark as I left home. And foggy. The daylight broke through as I left the village. With the fog embracing the tree tops, and the pink and the orange streaking the sky, it was a beautiful picture. A photograph would never do the majesty justice so I didn’t stop to take one; some moments are better savoured by the memory.

As I drove, a dangerous stretch of the road, at the speed limit because that’s how I roll, a car came speeding up behind me and sat itself securely on my arse. Beautiful scenery, almost dangerous conditions, cigarette hanging out of its mouth (because that’s how close they were to me), I was tempted to brake. Teach it a lesson. I had the argument – who am I to judge another etc etc blah blah blah, so I calmed myself down and returned to the serenity of the drive. Matt Corby, Joss Stone, Smashing Pumpkins, Eddie Vedder, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston … each taking their turn to add to the vibe and to my peace.

It moved far enough back that I could see a green P plate. Yes they were in their late teens, possibly early twenties. As they overtook myself in fog and then the car in front of me in a 40km zone that clearly states DO NOT OVERTAKE, I grinned and imagined the photo that could incriminate their behaviour to the police. I smiled, knowing it was a matter of time.

And then chastised myself for not being nice.

And then realised, once that was me. I used to race around, zipping from place to place like the destination and how fast I got there was THE most important thing.

And now I know that it isn’t. It is worth leaving home a little earlier to take a leisurely drive to work, or to anywhere, especially as day breaks. It is worth noticing the environment that I am driving through. Contemplating the existence of the sheep, alpacas, horses and cows I pass every day. The constancy of life. It is worth noticing it. Embracing it. Being coccooned by it.

Life is worth it.

The race is not.

And I continued to think about aging. It is true you become more anonymous as you age. You are no longer the pretty young thing and it really does not matter. As I have aged I have gained immensely in power. Over myself amd over my choices. I know who I am. I am proud of who I am. I am wiser than I was. I am the sum of everything that I have ever seen, heard, thought, read, experienced, lived, processed … and I would not exchange it for youth. Not ever.

I have no desire to win this race, or run it as fast as I can. I am happy to drive leisurely through it – seeing everything as if for the first time, breathing in its scent, languishing in each moment so that I may remember it forever … through every incarnation, its presence sweetening my life.

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Aging

  1. This made me smile because it perfectly captures how I feel vs how I felt. I’ve taken quite a bit heat about my decision a few years ago to drastically simplify my life and scale down my lifestyle to allow myself the time to enjoy the journey. My memories may be full of pleasant recurrences from my youth, but I don’t think I had a clue back then how to truly enjoy the journey. I, too, was too busy zipping around at the speed of light, attempting to conquer the universe and be super-me. But, like you, I wouldn’t trade my current state of self awareness, confidence, or appreciation of the world around me for that frantically youthful blindness. Age my come with its limitations, but it also comes with its perks as well. Awesome post, thank you for sharing it.

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    • Thank you for reading it and commenting. It was an illuminating moment for me this morning. Helped most of my day stay zen. I would never trade all I have to be young again; in so many ways it is over rated 💕

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  2. This really resonated with me when I read it the other morning. After three weeks of leave, it was back to rushed drop offs at daycare. Rushed drive to station to make the train etc etc.
    I feel like I’m going through a great stage of growth. Of working out what is important to me, to my family. Of decluttering our home to make it simpler too (adopting the KonMari method for that very soon).
    Although admittedly younger than you, I feel like I am aging too, and I don’t mind!

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  3. I had an instance the other afternoon when driving to Macarthur Square to pick up the oldest child a P plater like the one you describe ‘overtook’ me on the left (illegal in itself) and zoomed past me and up onto the backside of the car in front. Did not get them much further in front and I am at a loss as to why. Maybe me doing 60 in a 60 zone was not enough for them? Did you know if you turn your headlights on the brake lights on the back of your car also turn on? Mind you if he was that close to you he may not see your brake lights go on :/ I do love reading your blog 🙂 thought provoking 🙂

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    • Hopefully they don’t have the inevitable accident and they slow down, become more respectful etc, but unlikely. I did not know that about the brake lights but it’s good to know 😉

      Thanks Leonie!


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