They said, “Everything happens for a reason.”

When something bad happens, like miscarriage, infertility, unemployment, any sort of personal tragedy, inevitably someone will always say, comfortingly, “Everything happens for a reason.” And at those times I always want to knife the person. In that moment we don’t care that there was a reason, we don’t care if we are moving to something better, we just want to feel sorry for ourselves and grieve whatever it is that we have lost. 

Well, on Wednesday, the funniest thing happened and it is still bringing wry laughter to my soul when I think of it. Even as I write, big arse grin plastered to my face. It is a rare thing to see all of the shattered pieces of your existence make sense in one moment, and I am grateful that I did. 

My dad was very much for the rights of the workers and left wing in his politics as I grew up; and the daughter has followed the father. I have been involved in election campaigns, politics and my Union. I firmly believe in justice for workers against the bourgeoise. Old fashioned ideals these days. And I was once very active in the higher levels of my Union as well as being the school organizer. Two of my devious mentors of sorts are now leading the Union. 

My deposit for a house was used to fund my IVF journey. Well, some of it. 

My previous landlord wanted to make the most of the inflated property market in Sydney and put the house on the market. 

And all of this circumstance culminated on Wednesday afternoon in an offer to speak on television (The 7.30 Report) about how the inflated housing market in Sydney shuts out first home buyers, even those with good paying jobs. Obviously with an industrial slant for our next salaries campaign. 

And speaking with my old organizer I just laughed deep within my soul. A smile so broad etched as deeply as the bone of my skeleton. 

And all because my good friend Lyndell knows someone who works at Federation (Union) who was looking for the teacher face of the housing situation in Sydney. Lyndell gave her my details and they were passed up the chain of command and resulted in “everything happening for a reason.” 

And inviting me in to the next phases of my life.


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