The Village

I had an epiphany this morning as I drove in to work on a Saturday morning (thank you Lyndell for your commitment to your Drama students lol). 

I feel a sense of joy driving to and from work these days. A real soul joy. Often I find myself smiling once I hit a certain part of the road. Just happy to be. 

There is a one lane bridge along my journey. This morning, waiting for an oncoming car to move off the bridge, I had a flashback to twenty five years ago, living in Eglinton just out of Bathurst, and a one lane bridge. 

And I remembered happiness. Peace. Growth. Fulfilment. Contentment. 

Just like now. 

Waking up on Saturday mornings now to Tai Chi in the park next door or across the road in the Bus Bay, just as relaxing to watch as to do. The opportunity of meditation around the corner on Friday nights. Talking to shopkeepers like we are old friends. Taking the time. Village life: no rush, no enemies, no drama. 

This is the life for me. 

2 thoughts on “The Village

  1. So pleased to hear your zen-ness is still in full force 😉 And how odd, we have Bathurst and Eglinton streets here downtown Toronto. Eglinton and Bathurst meet. I have a feeling it might have something to do with colonialism. How wonderful to have such a personable community. Bravo 🙂

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