The Beauty of Timing

I am due to move in sixty hours and thirty minutes; the removalists will be knocking on my door. I wanted to be packed and ready to go last Sunday. I fell ill. The girls I work with in the same staff room too. Four of us. All away on Monday and now taking turns. Lauren went to the doctor today; it’s a bacterial infection. I’m hoping I wake up better tomorrow morning. I hate going to the doctors. 

So the timing of the illness is reinforcing my lessons of patience and faith. I became a little stressed for the first time earlier tonight. I’ve barely moved all day. I decided I would try to finish packing my room. Two boxes in and I was done; back on the lounge exhausted. Two boxes. 

I’m not stressed now. I know it will happen. I have faith that somehow it will get done. 

Which leads me to another lesson. 

Three people have offered help: Lauren, Cherie and Lyn. I have not rejected their offers. That alone is a near miracle. I will see how I am tomorrow. I may have learned to accept help. I let Lauren organise a friend’s ute to help us transport IKEA purchases on Sunday and I almost didn’t feel guilty. 

I’m growing. This move is showing me how much I have centred myself. 

I am at peace. I am present in the present. And I have complete trust that all will be alright. 

I seem too, to have let go of fear. And I have been trying to teach others to do the same. The initiation has truly transformed me. 

I have let go of past resentments and poor attitudes, let go of blame and of guilt, even of shame. I accept that all was as it was supposed to be. 

I feel so blessed. I have enough. Enough money. Enough love. Enough support. Life isn’t perfect but it’s exactly as it is supposed to be. 

And that is enough. 

3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Timing

  1. You sound very zen (no sarcasm whatsoever – just in case you felt sarcasm) We need people like you to show us frazzleds ‘The Way’. Felicidades! Cheers, hoping your move goes smoothly and that you feel better soon. xx

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