Love is all you need?

This short film is one of the most powerful I have ever watched. There are so many issues within it to provide a reasonably honest image of what adolescence today is like if you are different and don’t fit in to society’s restrictive little boxes.

Ashley Curtis, the protagonist, is a heterosexual child born in to a world where homosexuality is the norm. Every stereotype that has ever been levelled at homosexuals is shown in this short film; a world turned on its head. Ashley understands that she is different but doesn’t understand why what she feels as normal to her is so wrong in her society’s eyes. She is teased, chased, hit, kicked, drawn upon, taunted, texted, facebooked, everything to highlight there is no peace for her from knowing that she does not belong.

The ending is chilling. Too real.

I supported a friend during their process of coming out. Their fear of how others would react surprised me. To him, it was very real fear that he would lose every one that he had ever known, family included. He didn’t have the expectation that who he was was okay. I am different, but I have never felt that extreme fear at not being accepted, of not belonging. Going through the process with him really opened my eyes to how hard that path was, and impressed upon me that no one would ever ‘choose’ it.

It never ceases to amaze me how intolerant our society is of anything different, of anything that doesn’t follow mainstream lines, and of how ignorant we can be.

Today I have asked my Year 11 class to reflect upon this film and their response to it. The best one as voted by the class, will be contributed here. They are currently composing. We shall be back later.


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