To my dear friend …

There are no words that will take away your pain and I am sorry for that … Some of the things that people will say will wound like a knife scraping over a burn. And I am sorry for that. You will cry and be miserable, not wanting to go out, not wanting to risk seeing pregnant women or babies or small children – and that’s okay. Do what you need to do. Your healing is the most important thing for you to do. People will think you are selfish, some may say it. Let them. This is a time for selfishness. It is important to be selfish. You are in pain and you have suffered a significant loss. Selfish is okay. 

You will be okay. 

You will smile again. You will laugh again. You will feel happiness again. You will conceive again. It will go to term. You will be a birth mother. 

You are now a mother. A mother who lost her child. And you will be alright. 

It’s a journey. And everyone’s journey is different. I am one of many women who have survived it. You will too. But don’t feel pressure to get there quicker than you do. Do it your way and in your time. 

It is okay. And you will be okay. 


4 thoughts on “To my dear friend …

  1. Poignant and honest. Thank you for sharing this. I know it’s a heart-wrenching experience to have to infuse into words, but it undoubtedly helps those that need to be selfish and those of us that are oblivious and selfish in other ways to walk alongside you – looking out from the same vantage point. Be well my friend 🙂

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