My ❤️ Home

Of all of the places that I have been blessed to travel to, no place has caught my heart quite as strongly as Nepal. The Nepali people the kindest that I have ever generalised. We encountered nothing but humour and beauty in the people that we met. I have always longed to go back to work and one day I will. 

My heart and ‘prayers’ go to the people, local and foreign, who are struggling and suffering now. I wish there were something I could do. Geologically we can make the quake seem logical. Spiritually we cannot. No nation deserves this destruction; Nepal less so. 

People who have so little were willing to share everything. The children, permanent snot frozen to their faces, willing to laugh and give directions when I got separated from my trekking party (singing through the Annapurnas as I walked through beautiful landscape completely at peace for probably the first time in my life a definite highlight). Drinking with the locals, being taught songs (resim pi didi), and being delivered hot tea every morning by Santa. 

Waking up to snow capped mountains almost every day. Fresh air. Fresh food. The chaos of Kathmandu – beeping cars, shouting people, cows in the middle of the road, holy men sitting with dreads and me being questioned about mine. Memories that have lived … When not many do. 

Children in school in full school uniform without shoes, sitting in concrete cells on wooden pews, smiling because they were fortunate to receive an education. Bless. 

Nepal is a beautiful place, even in its extreme poverty, because the people are so genuine. I did not want to leave and felt mortified on the plane, it’s delay a sign that I should have jumped off. And now, such loss, such destruction, such isolation. 

My heart goes out to the people impacted and I ‘pray’ that the nation recovers wholly and quickly.


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