Very Sad news

Waking up this morning to news that Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have received their formal notice of execution from President Joko Widodo is devastating. Seventy two hours left to breathe. Or more. No formal date set. And then by firing squad.

Cruelty epitomised.

They should have been executed soon after their sentences were handed down if they were going to be executed at all.

In the ten years they have been waiting, both men have changed their lives. They are no longer the young adults that attempted to smuggle drugs. Sure, they shouldn’t have done that and they do deserve consequences but this … well, this is just cruel beyond belief.

And it does appear to be ego driven by President Widodo. His behaviour suggests a man trying to assert himself in international affairs as a force to be reckoned with. He will be remembered in Australia as the man who gave notice to two Australians of their impending death on ANZAC Day and who ruled without compassion.

I will be equally upset with our government if sanctions are not levied towards Indonesia. It is alright to be friends but friends don’t behave this way. If ever there was a time for mercy it is now; two men who have turned their lives around, have been rehabilitated, and have been serving the Indonesian people since turning their lives around should not be murdered.


Ego should not enter politics and the death penalty is never a satisfactory way of gaining justice.

2 thoughts on “Very Sad news

  1. Tina you couldn’t have said it better!
    These are my exact thoughts, I am devastated. We all understand that Bali has the death penalty for drug smugglers, but to be kept in a horrific prison for 10 years, been rehabilitated and then tell them they will face the firing squad is just inhumane! I sat at work crying about it a couple of months ago.

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