Lest we forget

High School students are not renowned for thinking outside of themselves but yesterday all but five of ours did. Every year our school hosts a brilliant ANZAC Day ceremony. Every year I feel more moved. Yesterday I had tears. 

We are so blessed in Australia. The greatest enemy we face is the natural elements. And then our own ignorance. Generally we all have enough or are able to access what we need through support services, and a strong community in times of crisis. 

With every passing year the young people of our nation show more respect. Yesterday both the Australian and New Zealand anthems were played; and it brought tears to hear both sung (albeit quietly). 

Usually when I have had to speak to the miscreants who show little respect I have been livid and ripped them a new one but yesterday I spoke calmly. I explained that they wouldn’t have the freedom to be disrespectful if countless men, women, animals and children hadn’t sacrificed their own lives for our freedoms. I also prophesied that when they become adults they will understand the gravity of their disrespect. 

They were respectful at this point. 

But only five from 600. I was proud of our student body. And of our HSIE faculty who are instrumental in organizing this  ceremony every year. Triple J asked if ANZAC Day would lose its impetus as time passes; I see the tributes getting stronger. We just need to learn to embody the spirit of the ANZACs every day: a fighting spirit, mate ship and service. 

One hundred years ago today, Australian and New Zealand soldiers were slaughtered en masse as they fought at Gallipoli, showing our countrys’ collective spirits to the world, fighting to preserve the freedoms we often take for granted. 

Lest we forget. 

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