Happiness is …


Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. Whenever I have flown home and the plane flies over the harbour I realise how very beautiful Sydney is, and how much it is home. But Melbourne is where my heart is.

I have loved the idea of Melbourne since I was a very little girl. Our neighbours hailed from Victoria and I just loved it. Almost like I knew it was my heart home in Australia, similar to Byron Bay, Newtown and anywhere in the bush. Sydney is the business capital. Melbourne is the arts capital. It is more relaxed (or maybe I have never lived here so it appears to be). The people aren’t as rushed, harried, stressed – or don’t appear to be. The music, the food, the comedy, the trams, the serenity.

I love it here. Well worth the nine hour drive we undertook today to make it here before tickets to Fiona O’Loughlin tonight.

We are staying in South Yarra, a street back from Chapel Street, in a beautiful apartment (that is, better than we expected). Tastefully decorated and quite large, we are happy to call it home for the next couple of nights. A short walk to the tram stop and closest railway station.

Tonight we travelled into The Arts Centre. Ironically, this time last year I was here with my two buddies and we saw a comic in exactly the same theatre we were in tonight, a couple of rows down and closer to centre. It is Melbourne’s renowned comedy festival so there are many comics in many places so truly is odd that I found myself in the same one.

An hour long show. Amazing! If you ever get the chance to see her, do yourself a favour and do it. Hilarious. Glasses had to come off so that I could wipe away my tears. It felt like a conversation, like it could go both ways if anyone could stop laughing long enough to say something back. And I have immediate respect for anyone that is comfortable enough in their own skin to speak like a human, i.e. “fuck” and “cunt”. Not overused; just an appropriate amount. Like they are used naturally. Love it.

And I know there are people out there who do not agree with the use of this type of language, especially by women, but really, that’s the status quo/patriarchy speaking. At our most liberated, there is nothing that sums up some situations and some people as eloquently as vulgarity. And there are few words more powerful and adept at evoking a response from others. If you are overly concerned about the ‘c word’, I have a game you can play to desensitise you to it (just inbox me hehe). And if you believe that as women we shouldn’t use it, I say, “Let’s claim it back!” I have one and I am not ashamed! And no, I am not drunk.

There is something beautiful when you are witnessing someone in their truth. Tonight it was obvious that Fiona has found her way; comfortable with who she is, recovering from hardship and addiction, and seemingly happy (although I am always a bit wary in labelling a comic happy).

Sharing our stories is powerful and healing. All of us should do it more.

We are all more alike than we are different.

My spirit is most free when I am unburdened from responsibility and travelling in different environments to home. A simple trip to Berry has the same effect on me. Bring on New York!

Having said that, I stress less abroad with regards to public transport. In fact I am most comfortable with public transport in the countries that do not speak English. Weird. I could analyse it further but not tonight.

Tomorrow I will endeavour to go to Dymocks on Collins Street. Then tomorrow night, Something For Kate’s fundraising show at Richmond’s The Corner Hotel. A bit exciting.

Then a very early start on Sunday morning for a long trip home. And then work on Monday.


Holidays need to last forever. As much as I love my job. I have three books I would like to finish this year.

Not bloody likely.

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