To be ignorant means that one is lacking knowledge and awareness in general. This is what I mean when I refer to people being ignorant; we don’t know better. There are many things that I am ignorant of. I lack knowledge and awareness for a multitude of reasons. 

I do become incensed when I hear or read mass generalisations about people. To me, mass generalisations indicate ignorance; a lack of knowledge or general awareness in a particular situation. However, we are all guilty of ignorance some times, and as long as our ignorance doesn’t hurt others, that’s okay. 

I don’t like people’s stereotyping of people with tattoos. I don’t like the stereotyping of overweight people. I don’t like the stereotyping of witches. I don’t like the stereotyping of feminists. Or of vegetarians. Or of teachers. 

None of those stereotypes encompass the whole of the person that I am. 

And that is why stereotypes of people are dangerous. 

After 9/11 Muslims in particular suffered a bad rap. All Muslims were branded as terrorists, and I fear that that stigma continues today. There are extremists in most areas of society, and those extremists can be dangerous. 

At times, our Australian media has been very responsible for fuelling extremism and/or ignorance. Extremism and the resulting sensationalism fuels ignorance and disconnect, and ultimately we all bleed the same. 

The protests over the weekend were supported by extremists on both sides. These extremists weren’t the organisers for each side but there were extremists participating. This fuelled the violence and perpetuated ignorance. 

When we say we are reclaiming Australia, what does that mean? 

To me it suggests that the principles our democracy was founded upon have been hijacked. To reclaim means to take back. I don’t think our democracy has been taken. The existence of the protests speaks to this. 

The Islamic population in Australia is small. The Islamic population has not invaded and taken us hostage. We still have the right to make our own choices. It concerns me that people believe we have something to re-claim. 

What do we need to take back?  

And I can’t remember the slogan for the other side so it really wasn’t very effective at all. 

Every society needs to evolve. We are truly blessed in urban Australia that we are exposed to so many different racial, cultural and religious differences amongst our peoples. 

And whilst the unknown can be terrifying, it remains the responsibility of each individual to ensure that if they don’t know, or don’t understand something, that they educate themselves. 

We are most in fear when we do not know. Our way of life is not being threatened. We are still, for the most part, the lucky country. Evidenced by the apathy from so many on election days. If we were not free we would not treat our voting privileges so flippantly. 

Now wasn’t this a much more eloquent post lol. Thank you to my facebook friends who put their thoughts forward last night and today. 

I hope that you can all appreciate though, that in my mind I am always right … until I am wrong.

Peace out brothers and sisters ❤️

8 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. What could you do if you were so ignorant that you hurt possibly the only person in your life that still cares? I am stumped for an answer and I have tried everything to regain her trust and love but failed


    • Ooooh the hardest thing to do is to regain trust. I’m not sure it is always possible but it depends on what actually happened. Sometimes time proves that apologies are genuine and trust can rebuild. Sometimes you have to walk away. Neither option is easy . If you do have to walk away take the positive that you have learned with you and have faith that the darkness is temporary. I assume you have talked to her.


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