Reclaim Australia pfft

Street marches over the weekend with people marching against Islam to reclaim Australia. I have generally kept my mouth closed about this but watching The Project I am disgusted. 

Reclaim Australia highlights how ignorant so many people in this country are. And in today’s age there is no excuse for ignorance. 

Reclaim Australia from what? 

We are a democratic society. A democracy that so many people whinge about regarding their privilege and responsibility to vote in elections. Wow that was badly phrased lol. I am so cranky. 

All of this patriotic bullshit – honestly! Patriotism is ignorance too. 

We are all people. We all reside on this planet. We should all be looking out for one another. We should be trying to learn from one another rather than perpetuating the myth that different is dangerous. 

Have I mentioned how angry I am. I think I need to deflate the anger so that I can write succinctly lol. 

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