Election Day

It has been a few elections since I last stood at a gate outside a polling centre and handed out How to Votes for a political party. I am quite excited to be doing it again tomorrow for half the polling day. 

Voting is so important. In Australia we are so blessed to have not faced insurmountable tragedy which has made a lot of Australians quite apathetic when it comes to their democratic responsibility. This kills me.

At the very least I believe that every citizen should understand the philosophical platform underpinning their policies. 

At the very least. But so many don’t which means they are susceptible to media perception/bias and cast a wholly ignorant vote. 

It baffles me that people in government assisted housing vote for a party, proudly I might add, that believes at its core that these people should not be entitled to government subsidised housing. Like WTF. And when I say proudly I mean proudly. Happy to cuss at the representatives of the party that does support their entitlement to welfare and support. 

I do not understand. So New South Welshmen and women, at the very least find out what the underlying principles of each party are before you cast your vote tomorrow. Don’t listen to media bias. Don’t listen to the very negative smear campaigns of local candidates or at least find out if what they are saying is true. 

Vote for the candidate that represents who you really are and offers a vision of what your ideal society could look like. Be informed people. 

What are the issues closest to your heart? What are the parties offering? 

I am pro public education – this instantly rules out one of the major parties because their policies do not cater for the communities I choose to teach in and advocate for. They believe in privatisation and funding choice at the expense of their own government system. 

The same party is not a contender for me because I already pay exorbitantly for electricity. I shudder to think how much more I may need to pay if electricity provision changes. 

It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t agree with me. The important thing is that you have an argument against me. You are making an informed and reasoned choice tomorrow (and obviously if you are, you will agree with me). 


One thought on “Election Day

  1. Amen! I agree. Fundamental party politics are so crucial. I teach a philosophy elective and I include a unit on political philosophy as well as some ‘isms’. So very important.

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