Losing Faith

In humanity.

When I was a little girl I truly believed that whilst there was evil in the world, most people were inherently good and kind. I am struggling to hold on to and to continue to believe that.

Why have we become so selfish? In the first world most of us don’t really want for much. Yet we are never satisfied and would step on anyone to get what we want. It makes no sense to me.

I see cruelty, apathy and disconnection every day. I teach against it but it is hard work. Emotionally in particular. And I can’t stop caring.

I see adults who prefer conflict and drama rather than peace and happiness, and I don’t understand why.

Growing up I had so much drama, uncertainty and conflict that as an adult I want to run and live in the bush at the slightest suggestion of drama and conflict.

I will have answers eventually but for now I need to question humanity. I choose to dwell here for a bit.

Before I state what we all know is already obvious to all of us.

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