I am so angry

An angry Tina is not a pleasant place to visit. I am so over bureaucracies and systemic politics. Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate bullying. I hate kids being bullied. I hate adults being bullied. I hate animals being bullied. I hate the environment being bullied. I am often heard at school saying, “Don’t do that to that tree it has done nothing to you.”

Yes. Seriously.

Someone that I regard as one of my tribe has an amazingly resilient daughter who possesses a beautiful soul and she has been bullied at her school for the better part of the last year by a girl her own age who no one seems to be able to stop.

And I think it is bullshit. My friend has reported it to the school so many times. She has broken down in the Office. She has begged for support for her daughter. From the Year Advisor, the Assistant Year Advisor, the Deputy Principal and the Principal. The police have been involved.

And still, today, this beautiful young girl was tormented all day at her Swimming Carnival by this child. Rescued by her mother via text when a ball was thrown at her back.


How do teachers not see this? Continual torment at the hands of a twelve year old and no adult sees it … Ever? Not likely.

And why hasn’t the girl been suspended? If only to give a break to her victims. Why is she permitted to have playground privileges? Why has no Risk Assessment been completed?

Why has there been no intervention?

I do not solely blame the school or our justice system or the child or her parents.

I think I blame all of us.

And I do this because there just aren’t enough people who stand up for what is right anymore.

And I understand why.

It is bloody hard standing up for what is right because so often you are standing alone against an army of conformity bred from fear. I know what that’s like and so even I am now careful of which hills I choose to die on. But really, if more of us stood up we wouldn’t be scared to.

I believe still that we are all mostly good at our core. I think we need to make a more conscious effort to stand up when we see wrong at work.

And if we all do it, those of us that literally become sick from doing it, will feel less alone and we will ALL benefit from a more compassionate, caring and safe world. One where we are all valued and supported and nurtured to become the best versions of our authentic selves.

I shudder to think of the world we are currently creating and then leaving for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Time to step up.


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