The Importance of Forgiveness

It is no secret to anyone in this world anymore that without forgiveness we cannot move forward in our lives. Any psychologist or counsellor will tell you that if you don’t forgive those who have wronged you or caused you pain and/or hardship, you will never feel happy or liberated or peaceful again. You say goodbye to the potential of all of that.

And I agree.

I wouldn’t be as high functioning as I perceive myself to be if I hadn’t forgiven all of those ‘who have trespassed against me’.

But in moments of weakness and vulnerability and pain I am forced to question why I repeat unhealthy patterns.

Tonight I had an epiphany. I was watching one of my heroes, Susan Sarandon, on Oprah’s Master Class, and she was talking about the difficulties of Dead Man Walking,and it struck me. I’ve forgiven everyone who has ever caused me pain and hurt, well almost everyone.

One person has been overlooked in my forgiveness. An important person. Probably the most important person.


I’ve never forgiven myself for my mistakes, my abuses, my poor choices.

This must be what is stopping my health. I need to forgive myself.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Forgiveness

  1. You and me both Tina. It’s so hard to forgive oneself I agree. And although I don’t care too much for Dr. Phil, I learned a lot from Oprah, 4:00 pm EST Monday – Friday. I don’t have cable but once in a while I’ll watch one of Oprah’s classes on You Tube.

    Just stopped by to say hola and that I hope you’re doing well. I did the rewrite, an imperfect version of The Original Sin narrative. When you have time I’d love to hear what you think. Oh and be kind, maybe it’s not what you’d expect 😉


    • Lol I will have a read. I love Oprah. I don’t think I would have moved through my life so well had it not been for their collective wisdom 😉.

      I am good, sick at the moment with a cold, but good. I hope you’re doing okay x


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