My Reading

I made the long trek to Lawson in the Blue Mountains yesterday. Such a beautiful trip; minimal traffic and a warm day. I arrived with time to spare and watched my reader’s cat amble to my car before I scared him away by opening my car door lol.

Judy was very casual and comes across as a happy person; I was instantly at ease and my usual shyness/reservation did not surface. I was a little nervous because Judy didn’t come recommended. I believe the very best medium/reader is my friend Jenny. She has set the bar very high and I was hoping that Judy might get close to it. I’d be happy with close to it and Judy did get close to it. So I left happy lol.

I only generally see a reader to clarify a direction or choice I face. At this point I’ve experienced a lot of intuition thus far in 2015 about my future directions. I am arrogant enough to verbalise them and have been happily telling everyone that this is the year I meet ‘the one’ aka my life partner. I announce that I love my school (not as much on the bad days) and that my headstone will one day be there whilst I argue with others that I’m not scared to leave, I just know that’s where I’m meant to be. And I still firmly believe that I’m meant to give birth. I decided to go to meditation classes to force my practice (yep, something there doesn’t read right lol). And I need to focus on delegation to attain balance.

The upshot of my reading was that this is all correct. Everything I have thought and envisioned was affirmed by Judy. And she added some suggestions like teaching meditation to teens (yes, I am qualified to do this, just lazy in my own practice currently). Brilliant idea! And a way to ensure my own practice. Basically I left feeling that I was on the right track and this was going to be a year of transformation, culmination and ultimately renewal for me. My hard work on resolving my dysfunction will pay off.

And today I started the regeneration by waking up at an ungodly hour and driving half an hour with a friend to watch the sunrise at Austinmer Beach. We then swam, laughed, chatted and contemplated before heading home for a cleansing day of cleaning.

The trick will be to continue all of this when work goes back. And demands are made. And resolve [may] falter at times.

A good year ahead. I’m excited.

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