The Two Week Wait

My egg retrieval yielded ten follicles. That was the most most follicles I have ever yielded. That made the extra injections very worthwhile.

Seven were decent enough quality to be inseminated. I can’t remember the Donor’s number; I must check with my clinic if I fall pregnant so that I can save his medical records and photos. But I will wait until then.

Four fertilised and looked good.

My embryo transfer was on Saturday morning. Three out of the four were transferred. The fourth had started fragmenting and my doctor didn’t think it would survive the thaw so it was discarded. The three that were transferred were all 8 cell and good quality.

Today, if I am to be pregnant, the blastocyst should be hatching and preparing itself for implantation. Implantation (wow I was about to write ‘will’ rather than ‘should’) should happen over the next three days.

I am on Pregnyl injections every three nights to aid in this process. My period is due Wednesday week and my blood test is on Friday week. Fingers crossed.

And I am resting; not doing very much at all. I am not going to the gym and not really doing anything else much. Every time I move I need a nap lol. Needless to say, tasks are taking time.

My feet are continually warm (warm feet, warm uterus), often up, and I am eating good food mostly. Pineapple and orange juice to start each day. I am listening to and adhering to every old wives tale I have heard lol. I truly feel blessed.

The hardest part is the Pregnyl side effects; every twinge and movement is googled even though I know the answers. There are no guarantees until I get the blood test  result and then it becomes working to hold the pregnancy. So if I am pregnant the work becomes never-ending – why am I doing this again? LOL.

I am currently experiencing lower abdominal pains, twinges every now and again that last for a few minutes. I have googled. It is Pregnyl side effects.

I am not a patient person. Not at all.


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