The Zen of Creation

Becky and I arrived in Eden yesterday. Today has been a mix; Tina has been fighting a migraine. But tonight we are sitting in the kitchen, all of us creating.

Becky is drawing and using her new Inktense pencils, proclaiming that she “isn’t very good” which is absolute rubbish. She has drawn an angel. Beautiful. Akin to the Willow Tree figurines.

Donna is preparing dinner. She too, doesn’t believe very much in her talent. However, you can taste how she cooks when you consume her food; love emanates from every morsel, warming the heart as it moves through.

John has successfully hatched a plan with Donna to scare us. We are on their property. There are neighbours close by but beyond those neighbours, not so much. We look out from their back verandah and it is open space, open to the sea. The sunset tonight was a contrast of deep grey blue and bright dark pink – I know what I mean. It is dark outside, very dark. There was a knock on the kitchen window. Donna was at the sink right in front of the window. Becky was at the kitchen table drawing. I was behind Becky. There was a knock on the kitchen window.

rap …

rap …

Donna raised the blinds.

A man was standing there, grey sweat shirt, disgusting mask on his face, and Donna and I both screamed. Becky calmly conveyed her fear.

John laughed.

That was his creative flow.

it is the open space that permits the creative to flow, unfettered. This is why I need to buy land … Synonymous with freedom. Freedom is creativity.

And that is all.



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